Share in this remarkable young pilgrim's journey of strong faith and selflessness.  

In preparation for receiving the sacrament of Confirmation, Emma undertook a pilgrimage, not just for herself, but for the benefit of others. The 100 mile journey challenged her physically, mentally and spiritually. The thought of helping others keeping her going every inch of the way.

Why does a 13 year old pilgrim commit herself to such an undertaking?

 "I chose a 100 mile bike ride from Market Rasen to Walsingham as a pilgrimage before my confirmation. I wanted to raise money for two charities in paticular as my faith has always been a big part of my life.  I  chose the sick and retired priests fund . I also picked Papyrus as it is close to my heart as this year I lost one of my friends to suicide, and the work Papyrus does is incredible and saves so many young lives."

Meet The Team

Everyone in life needs the help of others. Meet the team who helped our young pilgrim fulfill her goals


Mobile Support Unit


Back Up Crew Leader


Photographer and Support Crew 


Chief Guard Dog

Fr. Robert

Cycling all the way... in spirit! 

And so it begins...

Fr. Robert blesses Emma & Dad and their pilgrimage.  All the planning and preparation is over.  Our young pilgrim starts her journey (with Dad in tow!) 



"Sometimes the path is not so clear for young people and they become frustrated and fragile.  This is why I want to support Papyrus - to help save young lives and to find their path in life."

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