Mount St. Bernard Abbey

For over 20 years the Monastery has held a special place for many in the Parish of Holy Rood. A retreat is a time for spiritual renewal. The peaceful and monastic surroundings situated in Charnwood Forest, make a tranquil setting for reflection. The Cistertian [Trappist] monks welcome guests from all faiths and none to stay in the guesthouse.

For some time the Abbey has been planning the establishment on a new industry to assist it’s upkeep and provide some common work for the monks. Their decision has been to set up a brewery in the Trappist tradition. Having completed the buildings in which it will be housed they are now in the process of constructing the brewery.


THE CISTERTIAN CONSTITUTIONS:- Living in solitude and silence they aspire to that interior quiet in which wisdom is born. They practise self-denial in order to follow Christ. Through humility and obedience they struggle against pride and sin. In simplicity and labour they seek the blessedness promised to the poor.

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