Churches Festival

Your 10 most asked questions.

  1. Where are you?  That's easy - look at the map on the right.
  2. When are you open? Okay, jot this down if you are not taking your phone or tablet with you.  Saturday 12th May 9.30am - 6pm. Sunday: 12.30pm - 7pm
  3. Is there somewhere to park my car? Yes it's at the back of the church.
  4. Are there toilets available? Yes.
  5. Is there disabled access? Yes.
  6. Are refreshments available?  Yes they are availble in the church.
  7. Is the church attended throughout the opening times? Yes
  8. Are the attractions on all day? Yes. - you may even catch a learn to chant session
  9. Are there areas I can sit and rest if the weather is hot?  Yes.
  10. Do I get the chance to play the organ? Yes - but only under the supervision of Jo, she is our resident organist.

... and of course you can ask as many questions as you like when you arrive.

We have been preparing for your visit.We would like to say all has gone exactly to plan - but that is never the case is it? But we are almost there - and we have had so much fun getting ready for you. We are positioning ourselves to give you a memorable visit  - and we hope you come back and visit us many more times. We will be delighted to welcome you.

Have you ever played a church organ? No? Well this is your chance to do just that! Jo our resident organist will be there and she will help you play those first memorable notes. Why not have your photograph taken while you play? A momento of your truly wonderful first recital, no matter how short it is - Two notes could be all it takes :)

There are other areas of interest for you to see. We are working on these for you right now. Sorry no sneaky previews for you there - you will see and enjoy them when you arrive! Download your Churches Festival brochure for all the festival information. And here is a link to the Holy Rood entry Churches Festival

See you soon!