Churches Festival 2021

The Churches Festival will not be happening in 2021 in its traditional format because of the current situation with the COVID19 pandemic. No doubt we are all wondering will happen in 2021 generally. We cannot accurately predict that, but perhaps we can all shape the CF 2021 the best way we can to make good things happen for each other.

A plan B for 2021 has been initiated, and this is where you come in. You will find a link below to a presentation which outlines the exploratory thoughts for 2021. You might like some, be indifferent to others, and disagree with other points - and that is the reaction to be expected.  The exploration will, with your help, develop into a series of options and like a menu at your favourite eatery you can choose which of the options suit your situation and which you would like to give a try ...and when would be best for you. 

The emphasis of 2021 is to look at establishing local community support for your church, integrating with other local events - such as open gardens, music promotion etc. Encourage other groups to use your church for their venue. You might want to explore local business sponsorship for your activities. You may be experienced in this or you may not but together we can set up resources to help you achieve this.

For now, all you need to do is the following steps:

  1. click on this link to access the CF2021 Discussion Document.
  2. Have a read of the document and think about how this approach might work for you. Complete the form below and click on the button to register your interest.

Once we have collected everyon'es thoughts and ideas a new version will be sent to you. The committee will eet inJanuary to discus how your thoughts and ideas might be supported to bring them to fruition

Churches Festival 2021
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