It's easy... just sing sing sing

The summer of 2018 has been a right carry on! Lots of hard work and fun to help a group within the community. We often hear about the benefits of singing.A group based in Middle Rasen are proof of that. The group is called Carry on Singing - a fun stimulating and social activity group of  those living with dementia and their carers. Their sessions run 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month 1.30pm - 3.30pm at the Church Hall, Middle Rasen LN8 3TS

What you do not see on their poster below is the delicious tea, coffee, and cake that follows the singing. Go along and join in. The singing is informal and  unaccompanied. You just turn up and join in - you cannot help to have fun. Rosemary and Chris will give you a warm welcome and before you know it you are into your first verse and having so much fun. The warm and friendly atmosphere will have you bellowing out the songs and your heart beating with joy.

See below the poster for the story behind this community initiative. The goal of the initiative is simple - We want to help the Carry On Singing group to carry on singing.

The Community Initiative

Carry On Chorus is an entirely separate group  from Carry On Singing. The Carry On Chorus group has a short season of approximately 10 weeks starting late May and ending late July. The period ties in with the break between the Market Rasen & District Choral Society's seasons. Most of the Carry On Chorus singers are from the choral society. It has been said that some of the singers are lost without somewhere to go to sing on a Tuesday night between seasons. Not everyone will admit to that... but some of us do. Carry On Chorus is the answer to keeping these choral singers from getting into mischief with having too much time on their hands. It also presents the opportunity for new singers to join in and gain a feel for  multi-part singing.

In 2018 Carry On Chorus met at the Holy Rood church to sing. Fr. Robert decided that  any  proceeds from Carry on Chorus using the church were to be donated to the Carry on Singing group. Once word spread, generous donations from St. Thomas More RC church,  boosted the funds to help Carry On Singing.

So what has happened with the donations and non-financial support? Well, we had initial chats with the Carry On Singing group to understand their needs. The main issue to deal with was the well-worn paper on which songs had been hand written or typed. The flip-chart papers were almost impossible to hang because of high usage. 

As a result, it was agreed that Carry On Singing woud benefit from a new projector, projector stand, projection screen, remote controls, and power extension so they can all sing together from a single projected image rather than from the many pieces of well-worn paper. This will significantly reduce future printing and photocopying costs. We have worked with the Carry On Singing groupover the summer and  converted approximately 200 songs, hymns, and carols to the new digital format. Our commitment to them continues with us providing structured training sessions to several members of their group on creating and converting songs etc. to digital format and to explore further uses that may benefit them. Ongoing training and support will be available to them as part off this initiative. Click here to return to Community Focus page.