Wood with eucharist design
Charming wood cross: simple keep-safe for someone special.

Code: HR022    Price £3.75

Black Wood

Black wood
Rosary black wooden crucifix with body of Christ and back side in metal suitable to realise rosaries.

Code: HR023    Price £0.95

Crucifix with Base

Metal Crucifix with square base
Modern crucifix with glossy metal cross, satin finished body and square base.

Code: HR025    Price £2.75

Papal Design

Good quality brass with papal design.

Code: HR026    Price £3.75


A modern cross with black cord.

Code: HR021    Price £1.25

Silver Wedding Cross

Silver Wedding Cross with bands.
This silver wedding cross has overlapping wedding bands at the centre to represent the everlasting bond of marriage and comes gift boxed. Silver wedding wall cross measures 20 cm x 9.5 cm 7.9 x 3.7 inches. Hand made in Italy using the old processing techniques that have been handed down for generations in Loreto.

Code: HR131    Price £25.49