Churches Festival 2019


Holy Rood: Churches Festival

We look forwards to seeing you again this year at Holy Rood during the Churches Festival. As you can guess we are busy drawing plans up and starting our preparations.  This page will be updated as we progress our preparations for your visit so please return frequently to catch the latest updates.

6 Must-Know-Tips to enjoy your visit

What's happening when?

Don't miss out what is happening when.  The link to the whole weekend schedule will appear here soon.

Is food available?

Yes there will be. We will not let you starve! The link to the available refreshments will be here soon

What about parking?

Drive through the entrance and follow the track round to an open area used of parking.

Wheelchair access?

Yes, . We also have a wheelchair in the church should you require it.

Can you play the organ?

Yes, and you can learn to sing chant from old texts. More details soon.

Join in the activities

There are lots of activities to do. More details soon.