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St Francis of Assisi

Children enjoy reading  the story of the world’s best-loved saint! Discover his message of joy, forgiveness and peace, and his love for all of God’s creation.

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St Martin of Tours

The story of the Roman soldier who became a Christian and later a Bishop. He famously gave half of his cloak to clothe a beggar, and then had a dream in which he saw Jesus wearing it. Read with children aged 5 and up. Independent reading from age 7.

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Mother Teresa of Calcutta

From her early life and her hearing God’s call to serve the poor, to the work that made her famous across the world, here, in simple language, is told her amazing story. She is presented as an example of God’s love and care for those who have been abandoned by others and she shows how serving others can be difficult but is ultimately the path to happiness.

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St Clare of Assisi

The story of St Clare is one of great love for both God and neighbour: someone who followed God’s call all her life long. From growing up in a wealthy family and then abandoning everything to live a life dedicated to God, she founded an order of sisters and even defended her city from invaders. Small children will love this tale of a caring and loving young girl who lived out the teachings of the gospel.

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Padre Pio

A beautifully illustrated life of a much loved saint. Padre Pio was a humble friar from a small town in Southern Italy who spent all of his life bringing people back to Jesus. He became famous for his miracles and his stigmata but the confessional was his life’s work.

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St Peter

A beautifully illustrated life of the friend of Jesus and first Pope.

St Peter started life as a simple fisherman in Galilee and ended as head of the Church and a martyr in Rome. This is the wonderful story of how friendship with Jesus can change our lives and the world.

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Read Aloud Bible Stories

Parents and children will enjoy this story book that has 365 read-aloud stories from the Bible. And with over 100 illustrations, 'The Bedtime Bible Story Book' makes reading time a delightful learning experience.

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The Creed Explained for Children

In this colourful and attractive book, the author shows how faith is rooted in the astonishing story of the Incarnation and the events of Christ’s life culminating in his death and resurrection.

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My First Story of Christmas

Children love Christmas. They will enjoy reading all about Christmas.

24 Page paperback colour illustrated book. Size: 5" x 6 3/4"

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Our Friend Pope Francis

A beautifully illustrated hardback biography telling the story of little Jorge’s humble roots in an immigrant family in Argentina, his calling to the priesthood and ministry in Argentina and his election to the Papacy. His inspiring story is attractively communicated by the places that witnessed the growing up of this remarkable man.

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The Beautiful Life of Mary

Maïte Roche brings to life Mary, the mother of Our Lord, from her childhood, through the Annunciation, her marriage to St Joseph, the Nativity, Jesus' childhood and his ministry, to her suffering at the foot of the cross, and her joy in the Resurrection and at Pentecost.

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The Story of Christmas

Read the book together and discover the story of Christmas. A perfect read during Advent.
28 Page paperback colour illustrated book.
Size: 5" x 6".

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The Beautiful Story of the Bible

(Softback Edition)

Every child will treasure Maïte Roche’s wonderful retelling of the history of Salvation, from Genesis to Revelation, in this richly illustrated children’s Bible.

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My Little Missal

A beautifully illustrated step-by-step guide to the Mass which accompanies little children through the most important parts of the centre-piece of Christian life. Includes texts from the Mass, helpful commentary, prayers and pictures which illustrate the connections between the life of Christ and the actions of the Mass.

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My Little Family Prayer Book

Maïte Roche has written these simple prayers for children to pray at family prayer time. They ask for God's blessings upon the family, and upon the Church; they ask God to help us in our daily chores and to say sorry when we did something wrong and to thank God for the good things of family life.

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